Hardman Guitar Amplifiers

GP4 Controls

Momentary push buttons give simple and immediate control of all the major functions -

• Compressor
• Auto Wah
• Reverb
• Effect
• Control Lock

• Noise Gate
• Phase select
• Anti-feedback notch filters
• Bright (treble boost)
• Line Out Cab simulation filter
• Tuner

All settings are automatically assigned to the currently selected channel of 6 channels. 2 Buttons give fast switching up or down to the next channel.

Two multipurpose controls provide control of all the associated parameters -

• Mid and Presence centre frequency
• Pre-distortion Treble and Bass filters
• Anti-Feedback notch filter frequencies.
• Reverb delay and depth
• Effect depth and speed
• Rhythm gain and scoop depth
• Compressor Threshold, Gain and Slope
• Auto-Wah trigger level and speed
• Noise gate threshold and release delay

Comprehensive tone controls set distortion and frequency response. Mid and Presence have variable centre frequencies. Distortion can be set over a wide range with virtually constant volume.

Although these are traditional rotary controls they can have their settings locked and automatically assigned to the current channel.

5 styles of Amplification -

Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country, Acoustic

5 popular types of Reverb and Delay

5 industry standard Effects