Hardman Guitar Amplifiers

GP4 Features & Benefits

• Suits many different playing styles

• Built in Effects and Tuner eliminate external pedals, reducing signal losses and degradation

• Adapts to a wide variety of guitars including electro-acoustic

• Favourite settings easily stored and recalled by Midi or Footswitch help live performances

• Low noise electronics and distortion independent of master volume makes for a good practise amp

• Cabinet big enough for a good tone but small enough for ease of transportation

• Rugged - low maintenance


Amplifier voicing

Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country

Frequency Shaping

Wide choice of filtering before and after distortion generation


Spring, Plate, Hall


Tape emulation, Tape + Reverberation


Chorus, Tremolo, Phaser, Auto Wah

Signal Conditioning

Compressor, Noise Gate, Phase Invert, Notch filters,Treble Boost, Line Out Cabinet Emulation

6 Memory Channels

All main effects, voicings, plus tone controls

Rhythm Mode

Switches in scoop filter and gain setting plus separete Reverb and Effect settings for each Channel

Midi Control

All main settings, Wah Frequency, Volume

Footswitch Input

Select Channel, Rhythm On-Off


Tuning (A440-448) and Muting


Rugged 15mm Baltic Ply, Vinyl covered, 58L volume

Drive Unit

Celestion G12H™ - versatile high efficiency