Hardman Guitar Amplifiers

Guitar Input
1/4” jack high impedance input protected against overload

Line Output

1/4” jack and XLR. XLR output is balanced impedance to ground to give maximum rejection of ground loop interference

Power Input

Standard IEC socket accepting 220-240 V AC mains supply

Power Switch
Heavy duty toggle switch positioned for easy operation from above

Full Specification Celestion™G12H Anniversary, noted for its high efficiency and suitability for a wide range of playing styles.


1/4” Jack socket output for external 8 ohm speaker


1/4” jack stereo input from standard 3 button footswitch e.g. TC-Helicon Switch-3

Midi In

Midi control of the major functions of the amplifier. Compatible with the  Behringer FCB1010.

Midi Out/Thru

Passes through Midi messages. Units set to different Midi addresses can be daisy chained to the same controller

GP4 Input/Output