Hardman Guitar Amplifiers

The GP4 Amplifier range consists of three solid state and two valve hybrid amplifiers. Each offers unique characteristics that cover a wide range of guitarists needs.

Amplifiers are built to order. They bring high reliability and great tones at affordable prices. All the amplifiers are based upon the GP4 digital tone processor, offering studio quality effects. The differences between models are in the output power amplifiers. The current options are for EL84(10W), 6L6(30W) using valves, and 30W and 100W solid state.

For the most rugged use amplifiers are supplied covered with a tough black vinyl and metal corner protectors. However other options are possible. Bare wood cabinets are attractive for domestic use, but less suitable for gigging. The GP4-6L6-30 is shown in a plain wood case. Vinyl coverings and grill cloths are imported from Mojo Music in the US, who can supply a wide range of colours and finishes.


* 30W rugged solid state power amplifier.

* 1x12 Celestion G12H driver with settings for Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country, Folk, for a great tone at all volume levels.

* Facilities for Electro-Acoustic Guitars (feedback elimination).

* Extensive Pre/Post distortion filters.

* Built in Effects, Reverb, Wah, Compressor, Noise-Gate,Tuner.

* 6 channels of remembered settings, including tone controls.

* Footswitch for changing channels, selecting Tuner/Muting.

* Midi input - 12 channels, dynamic Volume and Wah control.

* Audio Line Out, fixed or variable, plus switchable cabinet simulation.


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